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A Bit About Us

Dear Professional P&O Colleaguem

The members of the International African-American Prosthetic-Orthotic Coalition, Incorporated (IAAPOC) invite you to join our organization.  The IAAPOC is an organization which fosters information exchange, networking, and camaraderie among practitioner and technicians of African descent.  The IAAPOC began in 1990 when a group of African-American practitioners attending a national meeting realized that there was not significant African-American participation at the meeting.  From this informal gathering emerged a formal group which we named the International African-American Prosthetic-Orthotic Coalition.

There are three (3) categories of membership; Active Member, Associate Member, and Honorary.
An active member, must be of African descent and certified by the American Board of Certification (ABC), or the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC),   as a CO, CP, or CPO.  Annual membership dues are $150.  An active member has voting rights and can hold an office in the organization.  An associate member must be of African descent.  They are not required to be BOC, or ABC certified.  For example technicians can have associate membership.  Although associate members cannot vote or hold an office, they can attend meetings, be involved in discussions.  Annual membership dues are $150.   An honorary member is any organizations, companies, or individuals interested in the work of the IAAPOC and subscribes to our purpose but do not qualify for active or associated membership. They shall have no vote.  Annual membership dues are $150. 

The annual meetings consist of scientific presentations, vendor exhibits, a welcome reception and the business meeting.  Many of our meetings also include golf outing and or a fishing trip to raise  funds for the educational scholarship.  The site of the annual meeting varies from year to year and the meeting is usually held in April or May.

Membership in the IAAPOC provides an opportunity to network with professional, national and international.  Many of our members are business owners, and others are in upper management positions in public and private practices.  As a member, you will be able to keep abreast of current professional and business issues, lecture at a national meetings, participate in professional leadership positions, receive reduced meeting fees, and help to foster and promote the certification of and the  needs of  African-Americans outside the field and assist  professionals within the field of prosthetics and orthotics to maintain professionalism for patient management.

We look forward to seeing you at the next annual meeting. 

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